Hearing Aid Solutions

Hearing Aid Solutions

Hearing aids come in many shapes and sizes depending on your preference and the type and severity of hearing loss. Coselgi hearing aids fall into two main categories.


With Behind-the-ear hearing aids, sound is routed into the canal via an ear mould or ear tip placed inside the ear.

Behind-the-ear hearing aids can be used to help all types of hearing loss, and are in particularly useful for severe hearing loss.

Behind-the-ear hearing aids are easy to adjust and easy to use.


Receiver-In-Canal hearing aids are worn behind the ear and the receiver (speaker) is located in the auditory canal. 

RIC hearing aids enable especially small housings due to their design. In this case the receiver (speaker) sits directly in front of the eardrum inside the ear, while the hearing system is located behind the concha. Both elements are connected by fine cables that run through a discreet tube.

Depending on the degree of hearing loss and personal requirements, RIC hearing aids are available in a range of different sizes and amplification versions.


Hearing aids that fit directly in your ear.

There are different types:

  • In-the-ear hearing aids that sit in the outer portion of the ear canal
  • Completely-in-canal (CIC) hearing aids that sit in the ear canal and are very discreet
  • Invisible-in-canal (IIC) hearing aids that sit deep in the ear canal and are almost invisible

    In-the-ear hearing aids are best suited for mild to moderate hearing problems.
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