hearing aid accessories

hearing aid accessories

Make life more simple with Coselgi hearing aid accessories.
Coselgi Accessories and Apps

Coselgi hearing aid accessories keep hearing aid users connected to a whole world of sounds

They make it easy for hearing aid users to connect quickly and instantly to remote controls, TVs, personal audio systems, tablets and more. Whether it is music, phone calls, TV or remote controls, there is a Coselgi hearing aid accessory for every situation.



Place TV PLAY on display or discreetly behind the TV, and enjoy outstanding TV sound through your hearing aids.


  • Maximum streaming stability
  • Award-winning design
  • Control what you hear



The RC-DEX device is a small remote control. It allows you to discreetly adjust volume and change between programs.


  •  Program toggle
  • Volume up/down
  • Key ring attachment
  • Approximately 12 months of battery life
  • Lock switch


As many of our hearing aids are battery operated, we offer high quality hearing aid batteries to ensure that the best hearing experience can be achieved.
Our batteries are all mercury free zinc air batteries. Zinc air batteries have a higher capacity-to-volume ratio (greater energy density) than other batteries. Nearly all cell systems must store all their reactive components entirely within the cell. Since zinc air uses oxygen from the air as a battery reactant, it frees a large amount of internal volume to allow for more zinc.  The more zinc means the longer the life.
Different Hearing Aid Battery sizes
Coselgi CROS products


For people who have unaidable hearing loss on one side, communication is often difficult, since they cannot be spoken to from both sides. With a CROS device sound is wirelessly routed from one ear to the other. The CROS system, which picks up the sound via the microphones, is worn on the unaidable side. The sound is transmitted wirelessly to the receiving device at the contralateral ear, where it is emitted in the ear with hearing.

Acoustic RC App

The Coselgi Acoustic RC app is compatible with all Coselgi hearing aids, except CIC-M devices. The Acoustic RC app works as a remote control for your hearing aids. With this app you can adjust the volume of your hearing aids and mute them. Changing the hearing program is another benefit of this app, as is adjusting the directional focus. You may need to do this if your hearing aids are focused on your front but you want to hear what is being said to your right.

Effect App

The Effect App is compatible with the Effect hearing aids Fusion 2 and BTE 13 D. With the Effect App both iOS and Android users can use three-band equilizer to optimize sound in the moment.


  • Adjust hearing aid volume and mute hearing aids
  • Stream audio directly from your iPhone
  • Create personal programs with your sound adjustments
  • Access to "Find my hearing aid" feature
  • and much more

Mojo App

The Mojo App is compatible with the Mojo hearing aids mRIC R D, RIC 312 D, and BTE 13 D. With the Mojo App you can inconspicuously adjust your hearing aids. 


  •  Adjust directional focus of your hearing aids
  • Create personal programs with your sound adjustments
  • Add locations to programs for automatic selection
  • Access to "Find my hearing aid" feature
  • and much more
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